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Justin Brissette, LMT

Massage Therapist

Justin grew up in northern Maine before venturing out and enjoying a nomadic lifestyle before settling in Bath, Maine, with his wife and two step-children.

He holds a deep fondness for strength and athletic conditioning and would often maintain a gym presence wherever he went.  While pursuing an active hobby of his own, he sustained a debilitating and persistent neck injury which kept him off the mats for a few months.  To remedy the injury, he went to physical therapy and eventually found lasting relief at the hands of a massage therapist and as a result of his strict adherence to the exercises his PT prescribed.  This sparked an interest; not just in heavy lifts and (almost) adequate cardio, but in observing pain as a consequence of injury and of bodies not in alignment. 

As a consequence, Justin has embarked on a bodywork journey that has taken him through his licensure as a massage therapist.  On this path, he has adopted specializations in deep tissue massage, myofascial release, sports massage.  He will continue his education and add additional modalities to his knowledge to better serve his clients.  His goal?  To help people who have injured themselves pursuing their passions or while providing for their families so that they can lose their pain, regain the integrity of their bodies, and live stronger, healthier lives.

Justin Brissette, LMT
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