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Athletic Development

Coastal Performance Training Center - Athlete Programs


Athlete Centered. Team First. These are the two guiding principles behind Coastal Sports Performance. We believe that peak sports performance comes from encompassing the entirety of the athlete's well being. All programs are evidence-based encompassing ground based movements to improve athleticism as well as overall health. 

We are a family of athletes and coaches working together for the same mission: to build the best versions of ourselves.... welcome to the family.

Athlete Programs


Developing  strength, speed, power, agility, and over all skill development to peak in your specific sport.

Athletes ages 14-18 will begin their athletic journey here.


Our upper level lifting groups for athletes that proven a desire to better themselves athletically and individually. Individual programming, team-first culture.

Athletes have progressed from Small Group on an individual basis. 


Personal Training is a great option for those who would prefer 1:1 coaching or those with a flexible schedule.
Each session is tailored towards your health and fitness goals with your coach keeping you motivated, accountable and focused on the end result.

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