Massage Therapy is a technique used world wide to promote faster healing within an individuals body. With overuse, repetitive motion, or after an injury muscle fibers can tighten causing pain or weakness in all areas in your body.

Massage Therapy techniques are used to stretch connective tissue, break down adhesion’s and improve circulation to help the body rebuild itself by eliminating stiffness, increasing tissue repair and increasing the range of motion within the muscle.

Massage Therapy can offer a wide variety of health benefits that can

    • Reduce pain and stiffness

    • Improve blood circulation

    • Reduce emotional and physical stress

    • Reduce anxiety

    • Reduce pain and swelling due to injuries

    • Promote faster healing of soft tissue injuries including pulled muscles and sprained ligaments

    • Increase flexibility and posture

    • And more

Massage Therapy offers a variety of techniques including soft tissue, trigger point therapy, deep tissue and myofascial release.

Our therapists tailor each session to your needs.

Massage Options

            45 minute Massage 

            60 minute Massage  

            90 minute Massage

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