Age: 55

Member Since: 2014

Goals (achieved and striving for):  

Registered Maine Guide, Karate instructor and striving for improved strength and overall fitness.


Hobbies: Karate, Hunting ,Fishing and gardening

Food: Seafood

Exercise: Karate

Book:  Younger Next Year

Place to visit:  Moosehead Lake

Ice Cream flavor: Fudge swirl

Olympic Sport to watch: Soccer

Holiday:  Christmas

What do you consider to be your biggest accomplishments since joining? Overall strength and increased reps of pullups / pushups.

What’s something in the fitness world that you have changed your mind about? 

Even as you age you can continue to improve your fitness.

How do you motivate others?  

Having a positive attitude and being supportive of other peoples goals.

Who has inspired you in your life and why?   

My mom, she worked two jobs and raised six kids on her own while always keeping a great attitude.

How do you evaluate success? 

By continuing to improve my fitness level.

How has joining Coastal changed your life? 

It has taken me from being in good shape to great shape and I have met many great people along the way.


Train likes it’s your last day because one day it will be!

It’s been rewarding to train under these highly educated , motivated and around great instructors.  The family atmosphere and friendships have me looking forward each and every week to working out.