Age: 27

Member Since: April 1, 2019


– Pushups, when I started I couldn’t even do one!
– Lost 15 pounds in the month of October!
– Biked the 25 mile Dempsey Challenge
Striving for:
– Do one pull-up
– Bike the 50 mile Dempsey Challenge
– Continue to lose weight, build healthy habits and learn about eating habits.

Hobbies: Anything outside, crafting, spending time on or near the ocean especially, but any body of water will do.

Food: Pizza or Chinese Pie
Exercise: Deadlifts and Rowing
Book: Textbooks? That’s the only thing I’ve been able to read in the last 6 months!
Place to visit: Prouts Neck
Ice Cream flavor: Coffee Oreo
Olympic Sport to watch: Gymnastics or swimming

What do you consider to be your biggest accomplishments since joining?
Building a routine of actually going to the gym. Also, making myself a priority. This whole process has taught me that if I put myself first, I am so much happier pushing myself to complete the goals that I have set forth for myself.

What’s something in the fitness world that you have changed your mind about?
Lifting heavy weights is only for “fit” people. I wouldn’t say that I’ve ever been a “fit” person; and I was far from that when I started at Coastal. Lifting has made me stronger mentally and physically.

How do you motivate others?
By reminding others to put themselves first. You can’t pour from an empty glass. I don’t believe in encouraging people to do things I haven’t done myself.

Who has inspired you in your life and why?
So many people for SO many different reasons.
– My grandmother: she’s been through so much, yet can always find a reason to find laughter and joy in any situation.
– My mother: finding strength in situations where it seems impossible.
– My father: persevering in situations in which someone tells him that he can’t do something or that it’s impossible.
– My sister: growing up, we were going through the same things, yet she always put me first and made sure that I was taken care of. She still continues to do this today.  
– My brother-in-law: for having a dream and not stopping until it was achieved.
– Bobby: for showing me what it is really like to stand next to someone and support them no matter the circumstance or the curveballs that life throws you.

How do you evaluate success?
It sounds silly, but for me, success can be evaluated by the amount of tasks checked off on my to-do list. Be it as small or large, I like to make lists and check things off. The more I can check off, the more successful I feel.

How has joining Coastal changed your life?
I’ve said it 1000x but Coastal has reminded me that I’m important and that I am worth putting the time into. Being a member at Coastal has reminded me that I am strong and that I am an athlete at heart.

The pain is temporary, the reward is everlasting. The lessons you learn along the way will be everlasting.

I can’t thank the coaches enough for everything you’ve done for me. You’ve managed to find a piece of me I thought I’d lost, and truly shape me into the person I am today. I am not the same person now as I was six months ago. Thank you for continuing to push me beyond my limits and acknowledging at times that I am stronger that I think I am. I will forever recommend Coastal Performance.


Age: 29

Member Since: April 2019

Goals (achieved and striving for): Loose weight/be able to do things that I have struggled to do in the past (run for longer distance)

Hobbies: Building things in my workshop

Food: Cheeseburger
Exercise: Sled push/biking
Book: n/a
Place to visit: Prouts Neck (Scarborough, ME) or West Chester, PA (HOME)
Ice Cream flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip
Olympic Sport to watch: Winter: snowboarding / Summer: swimming & rowing
Holiday: Halloween and Christmas

What do you consider to be your biggest accomplishments since joining?
During the October month I was able to successfully accomplish the whole30 without cheating. I was also able to loose weight during that time. I seem to be a little more flexible and stronger in muscles that I didn’t know were weak.

What’s something in the fitness world that you have changed your mind about?
Different exercises that I would normally push away because I believed that they wouldn’t help me

How do you motivate others?

Who has inspired you in your life and why?
My dad is my role model and always will be. He used to be a larger man and then he started rowing again, which he loves to do. He lost about 50 pounds. He is healthy and continues to strive for greatness.

How do you evaluate success?
Accomplishing a goal or striving to better yourself

How has joining Coastal changed your life?
Coastal has given me the push and the confidence to better myself but doing it while having fun. It has made me aware that things are possible.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky

When I first heard about Coastal Performance, I truly thought that this was going to be a big waste of my money and time. I had a membership at the local gym and I was going at least 4 times a week and maybe even less than that. The gym was getting way too crowded. So I tried Coastal Performance and I was wrong. Coastal Performance has changed my life and I recommend it to everyone. They work with you one on one if needed and they encourage you to do exercises on your own. The trainers at coastal performance are wonderful. They want the customer’s experience to be worthwhile and fun. They have knocked it out of the park in my opinion.