Age: 18

Member Since: 2016

Goals for 2018 (at Coastal and outside of Coastal)? Have you completed any?

My goal was to get my Deadlift up to 150, but I’m only at 140 currently. My goal was to make all state mixed choir in the spring, and I did that. And my last goal is to get into all of the schools that I’m applying to (Salve Regina, University of New England, St. Anselm, and Endicott).

Goals for 2019?

I want to graduate top 20 in my class, and get my bench up to 100.

What sports do you do?

I play basketball, and plan to pick up tennis in the spring.

Athletic accomplishment you are most proud of:

Receiving the Red, White, and Blue award from my basketball coach for my hard work in the off season.

Hobbies (outside of sport):

Cooking, traveling, singing, water sports (water skiing), and playing the guitar.




Deadlift, box jumps, and pull ups.


Handmaids tale

Place to visit:

my favorite country I’ve been to so far is Norway, however I’ve always wanted to go to Mexico.  

Ice Cream flavor:

Coffee chocolate chip

Olympic Sport to watch:

Women’s gymnastics during the summer, snowboard half-pipe during the winter Olympics.



What do you want to do for a career?

I want to go to school to become an RN, work for a bit to gain experience, and then go back to school to become a nurse practitioner. I’d be interested in becoming a trauma nurse.

Who is a mentor or role model in your life?

My dad because he works really hard and strives for perfection.

What do you consider to be your biggest accomplishments since joining? (at Coastal)

33” box jump or doing pull ups with 20 extra pounds.

What’s something in the fitness world that you have changed your mind about? (What is something you have learned since joining Coastal that you thought differently about before?)

Originally, I thought that I’d have to be running constantly in order to run faster, when really, I’ve become a faster runner because I’m just stronger.

How do you stay motivated?

I stay motivated by thinking about horrible I’ll feel physically and mentally if I don’t work out. It’s easier to just go and work out even if you’re having an off day, rather than going on a good day and having to catch up. You’ll end up feeling worse in the end if you skip. Also, I picture all the cool things I’ll be able to do if I’m stronger, like getting a game winning rebound because my legs were strong enough to beat everyone else after a hard game.

How do you evaluate success?

To me, success is accomplishing realistic goals. Success is different for everyone because all goals are different.

How has joining Coastal impacted your life?

As someone who only plays one or 2 sports a year, it’s important to me to stay in shape during the long off season so I can go back into a sport and feel in top shape. I move better than I ever have, my body is toned and muscular, and there’s no better way to end a bad day than to sweat out all of the stresses of your day. Aside from being physically tough, I feel mentally tough because the trainers believe in you more than you believe in yourself. They always know that you can push out one more rep even if you think you can’t. Your body is capable of more things than you give it credit for.