We have an awesome challenge coming up for the month of October.

COASTAL BINGO - the challenge, will run from October 1st - October 31st and just like "BINGO", you will win prizes for each line you cross off.

The challenge is designed to show you that fitness can be fun, it's a way to start your fitness journey in a non-intimidating way, keep you motivated and on track of your goals and help you lose body fat and weight before the holiday season begins.

Each participant will receive a bingo card which is an 8x8 grid. Each square on the card has a challenge in it for you to complete during the 31 days of October. An example square might be to complete 50 push ups in one day and another example might be to complete 20 days of 30 minutes of exercise. As you see the latter square cannot be completed in 1 day and may take you the entire month to complete.

This is not just a workout challenge, as we know there are multiple factors that come in to play with becoming fit, losing weight and feeling good. There are nutrition squares, exercises squares and lifestyle squares to keep it a well-rounded challenge.

The challenge is for any fitness level and will cost $25.00.
You must sign up before October 5th to participate in the challenge and to receive your bingo card and rules.

Prizes include Coastal Performance Apparel, Massage, Gift Cards and CASH.
Each line completed your name will go in the draw to win a 1 month unlimited training membership.

For more information please contact us at coastal.performance@coastalortho.com or stop by Coastal Performance to speak with one of our coaches.   

Change your life in 31 days