*All participants must sign up in advance to any program

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a pre-participation screening tool designed to identify compensatory movement patterns that are indicative of increased injury risk and inefficient movement that causes reduced performance. 

Our Conditioning class is full of fun, high intensity, aerobic and anaerobic, team building sessions. If you are looking to get fit, stay in shape and get stronger then this the class for you.


The Movement class is designed to provide you with as many different ways to maneuver your bodyweight as possible. Through this movement, we improve balance and strength. We aim to teach you how to fall, as well as how to get back up safely. In addition, we focus on addressing key mobility limitations preventing you from moving as efficiently as you would like.

Personal Training is a great option for those who would prefer 1:1 coaching or those with a flexible schedule.
Each session is tailored towards your health and fitness goals with your coach keeping you motivated, accountable and focused on the end result.​

Small Group Personal Training gives you all the benefits of personal training but in an interactive, cost effective, small group setting of max 6 people.

Small Group Personal Training attacks the goals, strengths and weaknesses of an individual, will teach you the proper lifting techniques for all major movement patterns (push, pull, squat, hinge, core, carry) and each session will end with a tough yet fun team circuit that will enhance your fat burning ability and get you stronger.