Love working out with a friend? The need for interpersonal support is primal. Research shows that having exercise partners provides a powerful combination of support, accountability, motivation and in some cases, healthy competition. With Duet Personal Training you will have an hour session with your accomplice that is tailored to each of your health and fitness goals. Grab a friend and get started today!






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Strength & Conditioning - Monday-Thursday 6a-7p, Friday 6a-5p 
Field RentalMonday-Friday 9a-8p, Saturday & Sunday by appointment only

Coastal Performance is a by an appointment only. We advise everyone to book ahead of time either online or via phone or email. Thank you!




All field rental and batting cages are by appointment. Please book online, call or email to schedule an appointment


Adult Performance Training is for those who love to train in large groups. If you want to interact and have fun during exercise then these classes are exactly what you need.

Each class offers different variables ranging from mobility to strength to high intensity and challenges you in ways that will get you the results you've been wanting.

Classes include: APT Strength, APT HIIT

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Personal Training is a great option for those who would prefer 1:1 coaching or those with a flexible schedule.
Each session is tailored towards your health and fitness goals with your coach keeping you motivated, accountable and focused on the end result.

Massage Therapy is a technique used world wide to promote faster healing within an individuals body. With overuse, repetitive motion, or after an injury muscle fibers can tighten causing pain or weakness in all areas in your body.

Massage Therapy techniques are used to stretch connective tissue, break down adhesions and improve circulation to help the body rebuild itself by eliminating stiffness, increasing tissue repair and increasing the range of motion within the muscle.

Massage Therapy can offer a wide variety of health benefits that can 

Reduce pain and stiffness

Improve blood circulation

Reduce emotional and physical stress

Reduce anxiety 

Reduce pain and swelling due to injuries

Promote faster healing of soft tissue injuries including pulled muscles and sprained ligaments

Increase flexibility and posture

And more

Massage Therapy offers a variety of techniques including soft tissue, trigger point therapy, deep tissue, hot stone and myofascial release.

Sarah Coughlin Coastal Performance Massage Therapist tailors each session to your needs. We offer 

30 minute Stretching Session

45 minute Massage 

60 minute Massage 

90 minute Massage 

​Coastal Performance Training Center provides a state-of-the-art indoor recreation facility and strength & conditioning programs to the Mid-Coast communities for use by all age groups and ability levels.

Our indoor turfed facility of 10,000sqft has been created so members of the community can be active year-round and train and play in the off season months.

We offer baseball and softball batting cages, golf, football, lacrosse, rugby and soccer training, indoor soccer and hockey leagues, special events, birthday parties and more.

Our Strength & Conditioning programming from our professional coaching staff is designed to meet the needs of the community in which all ages and abilities can train safely to reach their health & fitness and athletic goals. Our mission is to effectively increase movement competency and capacity while engaging in fun, interactive and safe exercise. 


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SGPT gives you all the benefits of personal training but in an interactive, cost effective, small group setting of 3-5 people.

SGPT will teach you proper lifting techniques for all major movement patterns (push, pull, squat, hinge, core, carry) and will end each session with a fun team circuit that will help you burn fat and get stronger. Grab a few friends and create your group today!


Our Youth Performance Training focuses on the 4 S’s. Make them SWEAT, make them SMILE, make them SMART and make them SUCCEED.
Sweat – each class is programmed to develop speed, strength and power while helping to prevent injury
Smile – each class incorporates team building and camaraderie while having fun
Smart – each class will teach the benefits of proper lifting techniques, the knowledge for solid movement patterns and the confidence to progress exercises effectively

Succeed – each class will incorporate the importance of setting short and long term goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time based.

Classes include: YPT Middle School Strength & Conditioning, YPT High School Strength & Conditioning, 

Our facility is available to rent year-round for any recreation, sporting or special event

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Birthday Parties

Sporting Clinics & Programs

Baseball & Softball Batting Cages 

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